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Debbie's Doo-Overs Upholstery Studio offers Students a 6 week session with a 4 or 6 hour class once a week. The studio also provides Doo-Overs for clients that wish to have the project done for them!!!


Client Services

Classes are offered in a 6 week session and include one 4 hour class per week except for Wednesday which is a 6 hour class. Monday or Tuesday evening, 5:30-9:30, Wednesday 8:30-3:00 and Thursday morning 8:30-12:30 or Thursday afternoon 1:00-5:00.  Cost for each 6 week session is $175 for 4 hr class and $250 for the 6 hr class. Students currently enrolled in class have the first option at signing up for the next session. There is a wait list that is used in the event a current student does not wish to continue on with future classes.  All supplies and tools for your project are either provided or available for purchase. Student's personal tools should include a staple puller, tack hammer,  a good scissors and a not so good scissors, needle nose pliers, T-pins and tape measure. These items are all available for purchase at the studio or you are welcome to search out your own versions.  New students are not allowed to bring a couch or recliner for their beginning projects! Space is provided to store your project during the 6 week session. If you wish to contact me to be put on a class waiting list, please do so!!

Debbie's Doo-Overs is also a for hire upholstery shop. We can cover your furniture in a number of different ways. The actual labor prices and yardage amounts vary depending on what is needed! There is an additional charge for supplies used in the reupholstery process, depending upon what might be required such as new paddings, frame work and spring work. Most estimates can be done through photo's and a few measurements. Contact us for a labor estimate on your furniture Doo-Over!!!

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